In Kiswahilli ‘jamali’ translates to; good, kind, gracious.

Accurate.Very accurate.

One young man, who is part of the NEI team (and, as you may have probably guessed, is named Jamali) is the happiest being we have seen float through the Tanzanian dirt roads of our factory. He is the do-it-all man. This, however, is not what beautifully sets him apart from the rest of the team – what sets him apart is that, as corny (literally our office is surrounded by a field of maize) as is sounds, his smile may actually, literally shine brighter than the sun. He does not have a specific job; sometimes he helps to cut vanilla with the productions team; he cleans, gardens, washes clothes, polishes every inch of the office inside and out, and he flawlessly organizes everything he can. Without a word of English, we nearly all hug him every morning when he enters the office – and it genuinely does make our days.

He is one of only very few employees who has been working with NEI since it initiated in 2011. When asked a series of short questions, so we could get to know him better, these were his responses:

What does he like to do when he is not working?

When he is not working, he always take care of his garden at home.

Why does he like working at NEI?

He loves working with NEI because his family and him are living depending on the salary he gets from NEI.

What is his favourite animal?


Why is that his favourite animal?

Because he can get food from it.

A wonderfully, simple, smiling man. We are so proud to have him as part of our team!


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