We often receive questions about how to use our cacao extract because it seems like it does the same thing as cocoa powder. But it doesn’t! It can be used to lightly flavour other recipes or enhance already chocolate recipes! It is great to add to chocolate cakes, brownies, chocolate drinks and other chocolatey foods! You can really tell the difference between a plain chocolate recipe and an Epicurious Hedgehog Cacao Extract recipe!

Here at the Natural Extracts Industries Ltd office, we decided this was a very important science experiment that needed to be conducted. We sacrificed part of our day to eat warm, chocolatey brownies, all for you!

We had 3 types of brownies to try:

  • A basic brownie recipe with Epicurious Hedgehog Vanilla Extract
  • Brownies with Epicurious Hedgehog Vanilla Extract and Orange Extract
  • Brownies with Epicurious Hedgehog Vanilla Extract and Cacao Extract

The basic brownie recipe was, of course, delicious! The vanilla extract is necessary to round out the chocolate, add a naturally sweet flavour and cover any possible “eggy” flavours that you wouldn’t want in a dessert.

The brownies with orange extract were very unique! The vanilla extract is there for the same purposes as before and to help cut the bitterness that citrus can cause. The orange extract resulted in a bright flavour that pleasantly surprised us in our blind taste test! If you are a fan of chocolate and orange pairings, then you definitely need to try adding 1/2 teaspoon of Epicurious Hedgehog Orange Extract to your next batch of brownies.

The last brownie was unanimously voted as the office’s favourite brownie in the blind taste test. In this brownie, the vanilla was once again there for the same purposes, but the Epicurious Cocoa Extract took the brownie to a whole new level of deliciousness! The cacao extract made the chocolate flavour extra strong and gave it a rich, dark flavour!

This is a must try in your next batch of brownies or any other chocolate recipe!

Check out our website, to learn where you can pick up Epicurious Hedgehog Extracts.

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